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Powered by her prowess in wellness and storytelling, Eli helps leaders & facilitators optimize their performance strategies to maximize community engagement.
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To inspire and empower new perspectives

the most successful organizations are those with the most engaged, community-minded team members.

still, most Leaders continue to rely on outdated, individualist methods of presenting information and facilitating gatherings, resulting in miscommunication, isolation and poor retention.

The solution? adopt new, more interactive performance skills derived from proven theatrical devices that foster belonging, inclusivity and engagement amongst your people.


The Power ofPlay

Playful, interactive storytelling opens the door to empathy; empathy holds the key to communal, sustainable joy.


The Art ofGetting Over Yourself

Everything you see is true, but so is everything you don't see. Learn 3 simple techniques to “rewrite your personal narratives” and better connect with your people.


The Currency of Kindness

Business is personal; profits and kindness are not mutually exclusive. Empathy paves a path to inclusive work environments through broadened perspectives—vital to your success.


The Structure of Belonging

Increase retention by cultivating a shared sense of belonging; Learn how to ask more impactful questions that shape empowering conversations in your gatherings.

Power is [in] perspective.

"Belonging" is the intersection of personal & communal storytelling.

As a leader, you are the author of both the qualities of the stories you tell, and how they intersect with the perspectives of those around you.

When you present to organizational gatherings, how do your performance choices affect the way your people experience belonging?

Eli teaches leaders and facilitators her proven performance strategies derived from traditional theatrical devices with a modern, mindful twist. Her methods enhance their ability to present with confidence and effectively interact with their audiences. These strategies not only help leaders find innovative ways to deliver information, but inspire horizontal connections amongst participants that empower a sense of belonging through self-accountability--the opposite of entitlement.

The result? Increased productivity, greater retention, and a bunch of happy team members who can’t wait to turn ON their Zoom cameras.


Let’s get to work[shops].

I help leaders reclaim authorship over their professional narrative and discover shared belonging at the intersection of their passion, expertise, and purpose.

Eli starts her workshops by demystifying mindfulness through a beginner-friendly yoga class and meditation, teaching techniques to cultivate personal joy.

Then, she dives into fun, interactive performance games and exercises that foster empathy and compassion for others’ perspectives. Finally, she integrates energizing movement with storytelling (and a lil’ friendly competition!) to culminate in an unforgettable, mind-body-community-connecting experience. The result? Newfound tools to enhance self-empowered health, perspective-shifting conversation and communal support.

She’s [joyfully] led 300+ client events since 2018.

Past clients

Performance Consulting

I help leaders enhance their presentation & facilitation skills to optimize audience engagement.

“Performance” is what occurs when how you interact with yourself meets how you interact with others. 

Through 1:1 consulting or small group workshops, I teach leaders age-old theatrical techniques with an innovation mindful twist to enhance their performance strategies and apply them for professional success. First, I assess how you’re communicating with your people. Then, we strengthen your ability to convey your message to your audience with renewed purpose. The result? Rarified skills that potentiate you to lead more effective, and enjoyable gatherings.

1) Corporate leaders hire me to train them how to present to their teams more effectively so their businesses can thrive.

2) Community facilitators hire me to help them create more engaging meetings that inspire participant action.

3) Entrepreneurs hire me to teach them how to reclaim authorship over their professional narrative.

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There’s nothing quite like getting out of your comfort zone
to try something new in a luxurious setting.

Eli is hired to lead uniquely customized retreats, both domestic and abroad, that combine beginner-friendly yoga and meditation classes with adventurous new experiences to rejuvenate, inspire, and most importantly, build community.

Eli’s corporate retreat curriculum is designed for companies seeking to take team-building to the next level. Her corporate retreats include fun, beginner-friendly yoga, meditation, and community-building workshops to help your employees gain a new understanding of themselves, and of course, renewed appreciation for their colleagues’ perspectives.

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She’s helped hundreds of leaders learn to communicate better, adopt stress-reducing techniques that enhance efficiency, and boost organizational relationships by harnessing the power of kindness, self-awareness and inter-connectivity.

Eli’s interactive corporate offerings are unparalleled. She’s an engaging (and funny!) seasoned storyteller who unites her audiences with talks grounded in what’s real.

Eli marries her comedic approach to personal experiences with data-driven insight, leaving her audiences illuminated with empathy, electrified with joy, and most importantly, inspired to create change.


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