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Eli Walker

Solo-Performance Artist & Wellness Entrepreneur


Hi! I’m Eli - Founder, author & CEO of the internationally-acclaimed Drunk Yoga®, I curate interactive performances that inspire you to get over yourself, engage community, and spark radical belonging by playfully provoking the unexpected.

Eli Walker

Eli walker

Challenge convention.
The rules you follow may be the very things holding you back.

From my one woman shows & interactive wellness experiences to facilitating community-based theater for both boardrooms and badass girls in rural ghana, I develop leading-edge storytelling events that empower people to get out of their heads, into their bodies, and discovering deeper connection.

Whether you engage in my immersive stories as an audience member, active participant, or student, you can expect the unexpected through boundary-breaking play, thought-provoking performances, and laughter-inducing interpersonal engagement to enliven very-outside-the-box mindset shifts, deepen belonging and inspire positive action for social change.

Let's rewrite the rulebook to connect us to what matters: each other. 

Keynotes for Community

Interactive talks that help good people do more good. reshape the way you facilitate gatherings and create belonging.

Interactive Yoga

Get you out of your head and into your body and laughing with each other through fun and unexpected yoga experiences.


Raucous rides into the esoteric and philosophical where we’ll fall through roofs in Thailand, discuss dating in New York and experience a spiritual awakening or two.

Facilitation &

Customized events, trainings and retreats for leaders and their teams to provoke group discovery, reshape interactions and nurture creativity.
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Eli on ipad ini a roof yoga class

Wellness Experiences
Rethink the context in which you gather.

Break the 4th wall

#communitycare is the new #selfcare. Break barriers into the unexpected to re-meet your people in new ways.

leverage the power of play

Get off autopilot and out of your head to ignite discovery, allow authentic expression and have more fun doing it.

rewrite the narrative to cultivate belonging

Set up conditions for yourself and others to create agency, take ownership and build a sustainable community. 
Break the 4th wall.

The Art of Getting Over Yourself [Eli's methodology to help you flip the script & better connect with your people]

building belonging means intentionally creating experiences you want to have. Often, what we want, is to feel real and to see each other authentically. Enter: Interactive Play and Provoking the Unexpected. 

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Wellness, But Make ItFun™

Infuse practical mindfulness tools with the art of play to discover joy through personal health...and have a LOT more fun doing it.


Divine Your Story™Monologue Method

Everything you see is true, but so is everything you don't see. Learn 3 simple techniques to “rewrite your narratives” so that you can be the courageous author of your own epic life’s journey & create a positive impact for others.


The Performance of Belonging

'Performance' occurs when who you are with ourself intersects with who you are with others. Through better quality leadership performance(s), you facilitate engagement--the vehicle to belonging.

Eli added so much value to my community. Her ability to connect everyone in our group—virtually, nonetheless—through her storytelling and meditation exercise is unparalleled. She’s so creative. I’ve already booked her again!

- Nancy Rhodes


Eli in action

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Make it Fun

Pink yoga mattress

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Join Eli's one-of-a-kind interactive yoga experience by Drunk Yoga® in your city.
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Jaclynn Brennan, Co - Founder of Fyli
Eli Walker held a Drunk Yoga® workshop for our female mastermind community, Fyli, and it was unlike anything we have experienced before. The levels of engagement, collaboration, fun, and camaraderie were off the charts! It’s really difficult to get people to connect virtually, and Eli has a magical way of bringing people together that feels authentic and nurturing for community building.

- Jaclynn Brennan

Eli Walker


Ever wonder what it'd be like to break all the rules? Throw a wrench into a billion-dollar industry and put a new twist on an ancient spiritual tradition? Not wait three days to text the guy? Blow up your life to backpack around India and find yourself again? Join Eli Walker's epic stories about what it means to rewrite the rules and belong to yourself.
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Need to call in
a Community Wellness Expert?

We run on autopilot, living within systems that keep us “safe” and unwittingly follow oppressive structures and values of individualism that hold us back from our power and from each other.

But by changing just one aspect, taking one step outside the memorized societal dance, the system crumbles and we experience ourselves and each other in a whole new way. Whether it’s changing up seating at a meeting, asking an unexpected question, or introducing a glass of wine to a yoga class (true story), we branch off into unscripted territory where community and connection can arise.  

Using innovative mindfulness and storytelling techniques, I help community facilitators curate more inclusive, engaging and impactful gatherings by tapping into the intersection of passion, expertise, and purpose.
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Eli Walker with a tabletEli Walker on Macbook screen

Eli has great energy and is very knowledgeable. She has a unique and wonderful spirit and is a talented performer and instructor. Having Eli lead her interactive wellness experiences for us in-house is an amazing corporate perk, making it easy to attend and destress/stretch/laugh/reground after a long day at our desks. She’s outrageously funny, kind, and inspirational in her storytelling abilities. By the end, everyone felt a personal connection to her, as well as each other.

- Lina Krivyan


Eli Walker

Meet Eli

I’ve always loved helping people from different backgrounds get on the same page.

Bonus points if I can achieve this while inspiring them to live joyfully, empower them with new perspectives, and make them laugh at the same time.

After earning a BFA in Acting from NYU’s Tisch School of the Art and nearly a decade of experience training and teaching yoga across the globe, I developed a knack for fostering community engagement by making wellness interactive and fun. So, it was no surprise (to some more than others) that in 2017 I married my lifelong passions of storytelling and mindful movement to establish my first claim to fame: Drunk Yoga®—“intoxicating” yogic convention by infusing it with the social ritual of a happy hour.

As Drunk Yoga® grew to international acclaim, I discovered how to translate the very same theatrical devices I leverage in my one-woman shows & experiential wellness events that make yoga feel like a party into a methodology that teaches leaders to create authentic communities, cultivate deeper connections, and inspire belonging. 

Let’s rewrite some rules and reimagine community and joy. 

Eli walker

In the press

“It is precisely this dogmatic tendency that Eli would like to challenge: ‘We are creating a safe space here for lots of fun. Here the yogis can let go completely, not take themselves and others too seriously. And above all: not to take yoga too seriously.’”
“Eli Walker, founder of the sessions, told Popsugar, ‘Drunk Yoga, which involves adding wine to a beginner yoga sequence in class that takes place in a bar, was just another idea I had to make yoga more accessible and less intimidating to a certain population who might not otherwise try yoga at all.’”
“‘It’s OK if you spill,’ says Drunk Yoga creator Eli Walker, 29, an actress and yogi who created the trademarked yoga brand in 2017.”
“Eli Walker, the yoga instructor who one day realized that the disinhibition of the bar was what it took to make people feel comfortable in yoga class”.
“Walker’s final rule for Drunk Yoga is that ‘you have to have fun and be happy by the time you leave.’”
“Walker’s manifesto is unlike any other how-to-yoga guidebook on the shelf, because not only does it pair the Ayurvedic practice with alcohol, it’s also layered with jokes and stories to really hone in on her overall message: that life on its own is hard enough, but yoga doesn’t have to be.”
“She wanted to create a safe atmosphere for newbies and veterans alike to make new friends over a glass of wine and just lighten the f*ck up about yoga.”
“Eli Walker founded Drunk Yoga because it meshed with her love for the practice and served as a reminder to never stop playing.”
“…it's actually more about the experience than it is about losing weight and as Walker says, 'Happiness is health.’”
“Drunk Yoga? The term itself feels like an oxymoron. But ever since Eli Walker founded her casual, pretense-free, wine-fueled yoga classes back in 2017, Drunk Yoga has become a full-on movement.”
“This roving series aims to lift your spirits and create community around the potent union of yoga and social ritual…”
“…yoga instructor Eli Walker decided to open up a “Drunk Yoga” series to help beginning yogis relax with the idea that your body will become more flexible with some liquid courage…”
“Eli said it best: ‘When you’re playing with your body in time and space in a new way, surrounded by friends in a bar with a glass of wine, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself.’”
“In addition to yoga, she [Walker] teaches storytelling workshops for kids and adults that combine movement and theater.”
“Still, while you'll probably get more out of yoga's focus on mindfulness with a clear head, Walker says whatever gets you to your mat is good enough for her.”
“Walker, 28, said she believed a jolt of liquid courage could help to make yoga more enjoyable for those too nervous to tackle it. “
‘‘That said, every yogi who has tried the class, and/or knows me personally, understands my mission has integrity, and my class is safe, effective and fun for the population of people I’m targeting,’ Walker says.”
“‘I've been a yoga teacher and a performer for a long time, and an entrepreneur at heart,’ Eli Walker – the woman behind the trend – told me when I approached her for this story.”

My Renegade

Rule-breaking performance artist & founder of ventures to help you rewrite the narrative
Eli Walker

Drunk yoga®

"The most fun you'll ever have doing yoga." - Pretty much everyone
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Divine your Story™

Be the author of your own life [stories]. Workshops to help you get over yourself & do more good.
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W.A.Y.E.O.K. Theatre for girls in ghana

Through hands-on teaching in the village of Kokrobite, Eli partners with the West African Youth Empowerment Organization to bolster gender equality through storytelling.
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Be on the lookout for Eli's next original one-woman show in NYC, "Kill the Buddha," directed by Jonathan Libman.

Eli has found a spirited way to introduce people to the magic of a yoga practice through community and camaraderie work. Her techniques are fun, sneaky, effective and effervescent.

- Nevine Michaan

Eli Wlaker smiling to the camera with a glass of wineDivine your storyDrunk Yoga book
of my projects

Drunk Yoga®

At Drunk Yoga®, we connect communities and cultivate joy through fun, interactive yoga experiences.

So…what’s “drunk” about Drunk Yoga®? Only the way in which we “intoxicate” the convention of traditional yoga by making our events social and interactive. We do this by infusing uplifting games and icebreakers into our beginner-friendly classes with beverage in-hand—often wine, sometimes juice or coffee, and always fun. We invite you to let your hair down and enjoy this potent union of yoga and social ritual. Learn more. #namasteresponsibly
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Divine Your Story™

Let's rewrite the rulebook to connect us to what matters: each other.. learn more.

Divine Your Story™ is a teaching methodology empowering individuals to rewrite personal narratives that no longer serve them in a more joyful direction. Proceeds from each training are donated to a local theater program for young adults in Kokrobite, Ghana, to product community-based, local theater productions that raise awareness to gender inequality.
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Want some tools for your joyful toolbox?
Get the best-selling Drunk Yoga® book: "50 Wine & Yoga Poses to Lift Your Spirit(s).

Buy it now on Amazon.

As featured in the New York Post, the International Business times, Refinery29, Glamour, ELLE, POPSUGAR, INSIDER Fitness, the Gothamist, and more...

Indulge in fun and laughter with the official Drunk Yoga® book by Eli Walker, the rebel behind the viral Drunk Yoga phenomenon!

Drink wine. Do yoga. Be happy.
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One-Woman Shows

Eli writes and performs shows that inspire women to overcome the power structures that hold them back.

Eli has been an avid monologuist since age 8, when she wrote her first one-woman show--a feminist adaptation of the classic "Little Red Riding Hood." At 16, she uncovered a copy of Lily Tomlin's "The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe," memorized it and performed it for anyone who would listen. Eli's previous original one-woman shows performed in NYC include "STEPS," produced at Wings Theatre in 2010, "COUNTING," at NYU's Experimental Theatre Wing in 2011 and "The Quarter-Life Crisis Monologues," at the PIT in 2017. Stay tuned for her next one-woman show entitled, "Kill the Buddha," directed by Jonathon Libman.
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At-home yoga videos for everyone, everywhere. Connect to yourself, your body and to others in a whole new way through non-traditional yoga experiences.

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Performance & Informance

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'Performance' occurs when who you are with
yourself intersects who you are
with others.