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Hi there!

I'm Eli Walker

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Solo-Performance Artist, Wellness Entrepreneur & Community Facilitator

As the founder of internationally-acclaimed Drunk Yoga®, equipped with a BFA in Theater from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, I’m an expert in curating experiential gatherings that bring people together through interactive storytelling, mindfulness and play.

When you work with me to build an immersive wellness experience or live performance for your community, you can expect the unexpected in the most mind-expanding, laughter-inducing ways you can imagine...(and even a few that you can't.)
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I'm Eli Hi there!

A woman on a mission to teach the art of getting over yourself through shared belonging.

I do this By way of...


CEO-ingand Leading

CEO-ing and leading my internationally-acclaimed, interactive Drunk Yoga® experiences, where I “intoxicate” the convention of yoga by making is fun & social. Learn more.


PerformingOne-Woman Shows

Writing, co-producing and performing my interactive solo-shows and immersive wellness experiences for audiences around the world. Learn more.


Facilitating Community-Building

Facilitating my famous Divine Your Story™ mindful monologue-ing method to empower self-authorship.  Learn more.
Because I believe that when we break down the 4th wall that stands between your story and mine, we deepen belonging--the only path to sustainable communal joy.
Eli Walker


Ever wonder what it'd be like to break all the rules? Throw a wrench into a billion-dollar industry and put a new twist on an ancient spiritual tradition? Not wait three days to text the guy? Blow up your life to backpack around India and find yourself again? Join Eli Walker's epic stories about what it means to rewrite the rules and belong to yourself.
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My Story

I grew up in rural Wisconsin and set flight for Manhattan when I received a scholarship to attend New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Graduating with a BFA in Acting (Cum Laude), I was equipped with a passion for community-based theater and an infatuation for using interactive storytelling as a tool to challenge social norms and teach the art of joy through self-empowerment. It wasn’t long before this led me to the art of yoga.

I completed my yoga teacher training in NYC and furthered my studies in India during a 6-month solo-backpacking trip across the country...

I completed my yoga teacher training in NYC and furthered my studies in India during a 6-month solo-backpacking trip across the country, prompted by a desperate need to re-evaluate my sense of personal power after an abusive experience with my male yoga teacher. My spiritual quest ended in Thailand, where I fell through a roof (long story) and severely injured my back, leaving me immobile for several weeks.
Make it Fun


Upon my return, my injuries led me to Katonah Yoga, an esoteric yoga practice that teaches students to refine their physical relationship with the universe using imagination, metaphor and teamwork to discover “center” through “circumference.” This practice was a game-changer for me, as it not only to healed my back, but it also showed me that, with more progressive, practical teaching methods—(as opposed to militaristic, dogmatic conventions)—yoga can be made joyful, fun and communal through the intelligent integration of performance techniques.


Drawing from all of these experiences, I took my mission to teach kindness and connectivity as vehicles for joy one step further when I created my internationally acclaimed (albeit subversive) company, Drunk Yoga®. In doing so, I pioneered a new genre of “yoga entertainment” in an otherwise individualist tradition, re-introducing yoga to the masses as an accessible, uplifting social experience.
Now, happily...

I travel around the world performing and my curated talks & solo-shows and facilitating Drunk Yoga® events & immersive wellness workshops that foster more inclusive, engaged and impactful communities.

When I’m not traveling for my work, I divide my time between NYC, Bali and Beacon, NY.
Fun facts: I have an advanced certification in astrology, I used to “moonlight” as an at-home voiceover artist while bootstrapping my entrepreneurial endeavors, and if you ask me to cook for you, I’ll likely burn it. So for your own sake, just...don’t.

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'Performance' occurs when who you are with
yourself intersects who you are
with others.