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Get Over Yourself,
Engage Community
Cultivate Belonging

Powered by her prowess in wellness and storytelling, Eli breaks the rules (just the dumb ones) to create interactive wellness & performance experiences that inspire mindset shifts and spark radical belonging.
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Rewrite the

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building an effective community means intentionally creating experiences you want to have. Often, what we want is to feel real and to see each other authentically. Enter: Interactive Play and Provoking the Unexpected. 


Experiential Wellness

Interactive yoga experiences & immersive wellness retreats that inspire happiness & health via camaraderie & play.


Live StorytellingSolo-Shows & Keynotes

Highly curated, theatrical solo-performance shows & customized keynotes for your gathering.



Community-based theater training & facilitation to get your people on the same page [in the same story].

She’s [joyfully] led 400+ client events since 2018.

Past clients

Let's get to work[shops].

Deepen belonging with the help of storytelling, yoga & interactive play.

Events, workshops and retreats that spark radical belonging.

There's nothing quite like getting out of your comfort zone to try something adventurous in a fresh setting. Eli is hired to perform uniquely customized storytelling shows and lead yoga events, mindfulness workshops and luxury retreats that marry wellness with creative, boundary-breaking games to rejuvenate, inspire, and most importantly, build community.

Eli’s approach is playful, immersive and accessible. Participants leave her experiences with a new understanding of themselves, and of course, renewed appreciation for their peers' perspectives.

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Power is [in] perspective.

Scripts for rewriting your
rule book.

Eli kicks off her work by demystifying mindfulness through the art of monologue-ing, teaching practical wellness techniques to cultivate personal joy through self-empowerment.

Then, she dives into fun, interactive performance games that cultivate belonging (the intersection of the "personal" and "communal") by rethinking the context in which we gather.

Finally, she integrates energizing, playful movement with games & storytelling to culminate in an unforgettable, mind-body-community-connecting experience. Each participant will walk away with newfound, repeatable techniques to rewrite their own narrative of "belonging."

Need to get over yourself?

Divine Your Story™ is a consulting strategy that marries Storytelling and Mindfulness in a single monologue-writing method to teach the art(s) of self-knowing, self-constructing, and self-belonging.

I help individuals, leaders and communities rewrite "narratives" that no longer serve them with the understanding that, "Everything you see is true, but so is everything you don't see." After learning mindfulness and guided writing exercises, participants use my signature 7-step monologue-writing method to identify, deconstruct, and rewrite their "story" from a more empowered position of self-authorship.

1) Organizational leaders hire me to facilitate Divine Your Story™ workshops as part of my Art of Getting Over Yourself professional training program to better engage with their teams so their businesses can thrive.

2) Self-motivated individuals subscribe to my monthly digital membership for regular lessons on how to "flip the script" and create more empowered lives.

3) Community organizers hire me to lead talks and immersive retreats to embolden new perspectives and inspire empathy through self-awareness.

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Eli Walker with a tabletEli Walker on Macbook screen

Eli donates proceeds from every Divine Your Story™ workshop to fund W.A.Y.E.O.K. productions, as well as works directly with the community director as an artistic advisor.

Past clients

Empowering Girls in Ghana, Africa

through community-based theater

in partnership with the West African Youth Empowerment Organization in Kokrobite (W.A.Y.E.O.K.)

After a 2021 volunteer trip where she taught theater, meditation and sexual health workshops to school-aged girls in Kokrobite, a small fishing village in West Ghana, Eli continues to partner with a local youth organization to facilitate community-based theater productions that promote awareness of gender inequality, as well as offer young women the opportunity to find their voice through performative storytelling.

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'Get Over Yourself' Tour

Get Ready for the best post-pandemic yoga party of your life.

The universe doesn't care about you. But you do. (And you should.)

Eli's newest show, entitled "Get Over Yourself," is a 90-minute interactive solo-performance and a unique immersive entertainment experience through the vehicle of a yoga class, created to teach the art of joy through shared belonging.

It’s part scripted storytelling, part improv, and the perfect amount of "ridiculous", with partner and group games with drinks in-hand for camaraderie-building. You'll leave this experience feeling uplifted, and inspired to connect with the world around you in a more meaningful way.

#communitycare is the new #selfcare, and Eli's “Get Over Yourself” will inspire you to not only unapologetically give a f*ck about each other, but indulge in feeling blissed out on belonging.
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Name the unsaid, engage the isolated & make meaningful contactwith the disconnected. 

Eli has helped hundreds of leaders learn communication techniques that enhance relationships by harnessing the power of performance, self-awareness and inter-connectivity.

Eli’s offerings are unparalleled. She’s an engaging (and funny!) seasoned storyteller who unites her audiences with talks grounded in what’s real.

Eli marries her comedic approach to personal experiences with data-driven insight, leaving her audiences illuminated with empathy, electrified with joy, and most importantly, inspired to create change.


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