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Insights for self-empowered joy through belonging.

pretty practical and [usually] funny.

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Kindness is a Currency

Women Founders And Funders Are Outperforming

So Why Is Gender Inequality Growing, And What Do We Do About It? By: Eli Walker and Sophia Platt
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3 Ways to Cultivate the Currency of Kindness

Create more joy in your community by practicing these 3 ways to integrate kindness into your everyday life.
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Eli Walker

Meet Eli

I’ve always loved helping people from different backgrounds get on the same page.

Bonus points if I can achieve this while inspiring them to live joyfully, empower them with new perspectives, and make them laugh at the same time.

After earning a BFA in Acting from NYU’s Tisch School of the Art and nearly a decade of experience training and teaching yoga across the globe, I developed a knack for fostering community engagement by making wellness interactive and fun. So, it was no surprise (to some more than others) that in 2017 I married my lifelong passions of storytelling and mindful movement to establish my first claim to fame: Drunk Yoga®—“intoxicating” yogic convention by infusing it with the social ritual of a happy hour.

As Drunk Yoga® grew to international acclaim, and I began professionally speaking and consulting on the art of community engagement, I discovered how to translate the very same theatrical devices that make yoga feel like a party into a methodology that teaches leaders to create authentic communities and individuals to cultivate deeper connections and self-belonging. 

Let’s rewrite some rules and reimagine community and joy.