by Eli walker

Top 5 Resources for Women to Network in a Pandemic

Check out my top five favorite resources forvirtual networking, workshops, and fun classes.

For some of us, networking is a passion and anatural skill. For others, the notion of “networking” for our entrepreneurialendeavors makes us feel a sense of “ugh, fine, I’ll do it.” Whichever camp yourin, networking got a lot easier amidst the pandemic in 2020. Which is great,because making meaningful connections with goal-driven female entrepreneurs is vital to closing the gender gap.

Check out my top five favorite resources forvirtual networking, workshops, and fun classes.

1)   Luminary- a women’s collective based in NYC turned virtual in March 2020. It’s a hub offiery, talented professional women, and my favorite place to plug into to findnew diverse women keynote speakers for DivineYour Story™.

2)   Six DegreesSociety - a membership-style online community that hosts coolvirtual workshops and fun getaways (IRL) to support the success of femaleentrepreneurs.

3)   Ellevate - a nationwide organization that’sbeen around since 1997. I joined this community as a health and wellnessambassador for DrunkYoga® earlier this year, and I’ve loved hopping into morning virtual“Coffee Chats” with different cities’ chapters across the country. Thiscommunity is full of women who appreciate the power of networking and are readyto give as much as they receive.

4)   Fyli- my new favorite find. Fyli is an online mastermind membership community thatoffers everything I ever wanted in a female networking group. Virtual eventsand workshops + group coaching with like-minded entrepreneurs--another hotspotfor amazing women corporate speakers.

5)   TheCamaraderie NYC - dear to my heart, The Camaraderie NYC has been alongtime affiliate of both Drunk Yoga® and Divine YourStory™. They host super fun ‘NOT-for-networking’ social gatheringsfor the purpose of discovering new female friends. Their platform is open toboth monthly members and non-members for drop in experiences.

 Now, I’m sure you’re all pumped to try out thesewonderful resources, but I must caution you about Zoom burnout. Be careful notto overdo it. Choose 1-3 networking events per week with a purpose, and show upwith your whole self, joyful, open-minded and ready to connect. I’m confidentthat even for those of you who cringe at forced small-talk, you’ll love makingmindful virtual networking a new weekly ritual.

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I’ve always loved helping people from different backgrounds get on the same page.

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Meet Eli

I’ve always loved helping people from different backgrounds get on the same page.

Bonus points if I can achieve this while inspiring them to live joyfully, empower them with new perspectives, and make them laugh at the same time.

After earning a BFA in Acting from NYU’s Tisch School of the Art and nearly a decade of experience training and teaching yoga across the globe, I developed a knack for fostering community engagement by making wellness interactive and fun. So, it was no surprise (to some more than others) that in 2017 I married my lifelong passions of storytelling and mindful movement to establish my first claim to fame: Drunk Yoga®—“intoxicating” yogic convention by infusing it with the social ritual of a happy hour.

As Drunk Yoga® grew to international acclaim, I discovered how to translate the very same theatrical devices I leverage in my one-woman shows & experiential wellness events that make yoga feel like a party into a methodology that teaches leaders to create authentic communities, cultivate deeper connections, and inspire belonging. 

Let’s rewrite some rules and reimagine community and joy. 

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