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Powered by her prowess in yoga, meditation, play and storytelling, Eli breaks the rules (just the useless ones) to deliver interactive talks, social wellness experiences and solo-shows that are equal parts performative and informative, inspiring mindset shifts and sparking radical belonging.
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Speaking Engagements

Interactive Keynotes
That break down invisible barriers to connection

building an effective workplace or community means intentionally setting up the conditions in which belonging can naturally arise. Often, what we want is to feel real and to see each other authentically. Enter: Interactive Play and Provoking the Unexpected to reshape the way you gather.

Speaking topics include:


The Art of Getting Over YourselfHow to Build Belonging in the Modern World

Eli demystifies "belonging" and what it means today, inspiring audiences to get out of their heads and into community. The result? Better collaboration, higher retention and more engaged & purposeful workplaces.


Work Hard, P.L.A.Y. HarderA work-life balance strategy that actually works

Hint: The secret is "play." Eli reveals her proven strategy for achieving optimal work-life balance, enhancing productivity and personal fulfillment through authentic expression, and having [a lot] more fun in the process.


The Structure of BelongingEngage & retain your people through better live experiences

Discover how to motivate and sustain your teams through the art of live experience design; set up conditions for belonging to naturally arise in meetings and events...and even during that awkward moment before everyone joins the Zoom call.

She’s [joyfully] facilitated 2,000+ client events since 2018.

Past clients

Why work with Eli?

Because, honestly? She's a delight.

Her talks, workshops and wellness experiences engage community in what matters: each other.

Her talks, social wellness experiences and belonging expertise engage communities for the long haul. A joy to partner with from start to finish and a reliable rockstar on stage, she captivates her audiences with epic (+ hilarious) stories, profound insight and artfully gamified mindful movement from an approach that's both playful and accessible.

Participants walk away with renewed appreciation for their purpose, their people, and perspectives that reignite a connection to something larger than themselves.

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Embrace the power of play.

The P.L.A.Y. Method:
Scripts for rewriting your
rule book.

After leading hundreds of Drunk Yoga® events for communities & organizations worldwide, I discovered how to use the very same performance devices that turn yoga into a party to help leaders break through 4th walls that prevent them from truly connecting with their people within gatherings.

I breakdown these concepts in my recipe for belonging that I call the P.L.A.Y. method.

Why do I call it the P.L.A.Y. method? Because the most effective way to break the 4th wall--invisible barriers to connection--and get your people on the same page is through the power of play.


We run on autopilot, living within systems that keep us “safe” and unwittingly follow oppressive structures and values of individualism that hold us back from our power and from each other.

But by changing just one aspect, taking one step outside the memorized societal dance, the system crumbles and we experience ourselves and each other in a whole new way. Whether it’s changing up seating at a meeting, asking an unexpected question, or introducing a glass of wine to a yoga class (true story), we branch off into unscripted territory where community and connection can arise.  

Leaders and community-builders from all industries hire Eli to help them create an action plan to optimize their live events, meetings or gatherings for engagement, productivity and belonging by tapping into the intersection of playfulness, purpose, and practicality.

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Past clients

Uplift Experiences

Highly curated [and highly fun] social yoga and networking experiences to help you get over yourself and into belonging.

Eli works with Fortune 500 companies and some of the worlds biggest brands, such as Virgin, Porsche, Intel, Mastercard, WeWork, Billboard, Ebay and Squarespace (just to name a few) to curate bespoke, interactive yoga, meditation and icebreaker experiences for team-building, brand activations, conferences, retreats and festivals.

When you book Eli, you hire more than “just” a yoga instructor; you co-create an hour of pure joy via the power authentic human connection.

Write to hello@eliwalkerprojects.com
to inquire with Eli's management team.

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Name the unsaid, engage the isolated & make meaningful contactwith the disconnected. 

Eli has helped thousands of leaders learn communication techniques that enhance relationships by harnessing the power of performance, self-awareness and inter-connectivity.

Eli’s offerings are unparalleled. She’s an engaging and hilarious (if she does say so herself) seasoned storyteller who unites and grounds her audiences in what’s real, leaving them illuminated with empathy, electrified with joy, and most importantly, inspired to create change.


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