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3 Reasons Why You Should Get an Accountability Buddy

Show of virtual hands: Who has struggled tohold themselves accountable to their [modified pandemic] goals in 2020?

Show of virtual hands: Who has struggled tohold themselves accountable to their [modified pandemic] goals in 2020?...Yeah, same. Turns out there’s a good reason for it.

Studies show that holding yourself accountableto your goals is nearly impossible without the right structures in place. As Benjamin Hardy says in his book (which Ilove and you should buy), WillpowerDoesn’t Work, “Whether you want to get healthier, stop using social mediaso much, improve your relationships, be happier, write a book, or start abusiness — willpower won’t help you with any of these things.”

While we might think we’re lazy if wecan’t stick to our personal goals, it’s likely that you simply don’t have theright support systems to help you manage your time and focus.

My suggestion? Get yo-self an accountabilitybuddy like, yesterday. Here’s why:

 1)   Having a buddy makes workouts morefun. Workouts make you happy, and happiness helps you stay optimistic aboutmoving forward in life. Both Marnie from Runstreet and myself (as the creator of a social,interactive yoga movement) can attest, community is key. If somedays you just feel “off,” and you don’t want to put on your running shoes orroll out your yoga mat for the sake of your own joy, you’ll likely do itbecause someone else is counting on you.

2)   Loneliness is a killer (literally); your accountability buddy cancombat that by giving you a sense of belonging. Even if your buddy isn’t a“friend,” per se, they’ll still make you feel seen, heard, and valued as aresult of the inherent camaraderie that accompany social consistency.

3)   When others believe in us, westart to see greater potential in ourselves than we otherwise would haveacknowledged. Example: When I onboard new keynote speakers to my Divine YourStory website, many women express how grateful they are that I“finally gave them any excuse” to polish up their speaking reels and turn their15-minute corporate talk into an hour-long keynote. Simply by reaching out andsaying, “Hey, I think you can do this, and if you do this, it’ll help me, too,”it’s a call to action that helps us feel needed--and there’s no greatermotivator than a sense of purpose.

 Do yourself a favor and make a list of all ofthe people in your network doing work that you admire. Then, make a list of 3-5concrete goals you’d like to achieve in the next 90 days. Reach out to yourpotential new accountability buddies and propose a weekly check-in callschedule, and behold, as the magic of community helps you bring your wildestdreams into fruition.

Hi I’m Eli!
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I’ve always loved helping people from different backgrounds get on the same page.

Eli Walker

Meet Eli

I’ve always loved helping people from different backgrounds get on the same page.

Bonus points if I can achieve this while inspiring them to live joyfully, empower them with new perspectives, and make them laugh at the same time.

After earning a BFA in Acting from NYU’s Tisch School of the Art and nearly a decade of experience training and teaching yoga across the globe, I developed a knack for fostering community engagement by making wellness interactive and fun. So, it was no surprise (to some more than others) that in 2017 I married my lifelong passions of storytelling and mindful movement to establish my first claim to fame: Drunk Yoga®—“intoxicating” yogic convention by infusing it with the social ritual of a happy hour.

As Drunk Yoga® grew to international acclaim, and I began professionally speaking and consulting on the art of community engagement, I discovered how to translate the very same theatrical devices that make yoga feel like a party into a methodology that teaches leaders to create authentic communities and individuals to cultivate deeper connections and self-belonging. 

Let’s rewrite some rules and reimagine community and joy. 

Eli walker

In the press

“Walker’s manifesto is unlike any other how-to-yoga guidebook on the shelf, because not only does it pair the Ayurvedic practice with alcohol, it’s also layered with jokes and stories to really hone in on her overall message: that life on its own is hard enough, but yoga doesn’t have to be.”
“She wanted to create a safe atmosphere for newbies and veterans alike to make new friends over a glass of wine and just lighten the f*ck up about yoga.”
“Eli Walker founded Drunk Yoga because it meshed with her love for the practice and served as a reminder to never stop playing.”
“Eli Walker, the yoga instructor who one day realized that the disinhibition of the bar was what it took to make people feel comfortable in yoga class”.
“…it's actually more about the experience than it is about losing weight and as Walker says, 'Happiness is health.’”
“‘It’s OK if you spill,’ says Drunk Yoga creator Eli Walker, 29, an actress and yogi who created the trademarked yoga brand in 2017.”
“…yoga instructor Eli Walker decided to open up a “Drunk Yoga” series to help beginning yogis relax with the idea that your body will become more flexible with some liquid courage…”
“Walker’s final rule for Drunk Yoga is that ‘you have to have fun and be happy by the time you leave.’”
“Drunk Yoga? The term itself feels like an oxymoron. But ever since Eli Walker founded her casual, pretense-free, wine-fueled yoga classes back in 2017, Drunk Yoga has become a full-on movement.”
“Eli Walker, founder of the sessions, told Popsugar, ‘Drunk Yoga, which involves adding wine to a beginner yoga sequence in class that takes place in a bar, was just another idea I had to make yoga more accessible and less intimidating to a certain population who might not otherwise try yoga at all.’”
“It is precisely this dogmatic tendency that Eli would like to challenge: ‘We are creating a safe space here for lots of fun. Here the yogis can let go completely, not take themselves and others too seriously. And above all: not to take yoga too seriously.’”
“This roving series aims to lift your spirits and create community around the potent union of yoga and social ritual…”
“Eli said it best: ‘When you’re playing with your body in time and space in a new way, surrounded by friends in a bar with a glass of wine, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself.’”
“In addition to yoga, she [Walker] teaches storytelling workshops for kids and adults that combine movement and theater.”
“Still, while you'll probably get more out of yoga's focus on mindfulness with a clear head, Walker says whatever gets you to your mat is good enough for her.”
“Walker, 28, said she believed a jolt of liquid courage could help to make yoga more enjoyable for those too nervous to tackle it. “
‘‘That said, every yogi who has tried the class, and/or knows me personally, understands my mission has integrity, and my class is safe, effective and fun for the population of people I’m targeting,’ Walker says.”
“‘I've been a yoga teacher and a performer for a long time, and an entrepreneur at heart,’ Eli Walker – the woman behind the trend – told me when I approached her for this story.”